Academic Plan 2nd International Congress Modern Rite – French Rite – Oporto 2019

300 years of the Rite of Foundation. A valorization

Dates: June 21-22-23, 2019

Place: OPORTO (Portugal)


This will be accomplished through written contributions which papers will be sent in digital format with the proposal of the topic to be addressed by October-November 2018 to the Academic Directorate (email) and final delivery of the paper must be made by March 2019. (email)

The length of the works is set at 25 pages (DIN A4) as the maximum limit of the length of the contributions, which will be double spaced, some 30 lines by 70 spaces (around 55,000 characters) with justified margins, written with MS Word or compatable program and PDF. These should be accompanied by a short masonic and profane CV of the speaker.

The set of papers that are received, will be sent to all the participants of the Congress, once the delivery deadline is closed. In this way everyone will have exact knowledge of the content to present or debate.

The fact that the paper is delivered, does not entail obligation to read or defend it, if such communication is not selected, instead it may be published in the final book of the work of the Congress.

The themes to be developed by the speakers will be the Modern Rite / French Rite and its many expressions, taking into account that the Modern Rite is the ritual expression of the Foundation Rite (1717) and therefore represents the living experience of the “Moderns”, under the heading: 300 years of the Foundation Rite. A valorization. The approaches of the works can be as varied and varied as each speaker wishes, and therefore they can come from the different schools, visions and currents that occur within the wide range represented by the Modern Rite and the French Rite, in their historiographical or structural aspects.

The speakers can present a paper for each block, (Symbolic-Wisdom Orders, and one for each section: Historical, Current, Prospective. The reading or defense of each one of them will be a question that will be due to the times which will be available.

The Congress and its reflection works, (papers) will be structured on the basis of the two major systems: SYMBOLIC (1-3º) and ORDERS OF WISDOM (I-V Order).

The sections of the works to be developed, both in the Symbolic Degrees and in the Orders of Wisdom, will be placed under these general panels that accommodate a wide variety of topics and approaches, being able to deal with issues such as rituality, organic evolution of the Freemasonry of the Moderns, the French rite and its variations, various problems. Etc … Although there may be papers that summarize the three sections in their development, which may also be valid.

  • Historical situation
  • Current Perspective
  • Prospective

As part of the Congress:

There will be a Central Opening Paper for each system (Symbolic and Orders) that should cover the three sections, so that in this way you can give an overview of the Rite and its developments over time. At the time it will be decided who will be the speakers of these two Central Subjects, and if these will unfold in geographical areas, depending on space and time.

The relation of presentation with respect to the dates and schedules will be made and closed as we know who, and how many speakers think about presenting work, ideally, all the speakers have at least 10 and 15 minutes of exposure, and after a general debate is held for each panel and the papers presented.

The speakers must be members of the Freemasonry, attached to any Masonic tendency or orientation and Masonic structure, and all Freemasons of every grade, condition and obedience can present papers. The distribution of times during the Congress could be placed in this possible organization, with the premise of determining the precise times and interventions once we have more information

Schedule of the Congress

Friday 21, 16 h.

Presentation and Opening of the Congress

Presentation of the different aspects of the Congress by the coordinators of the different areas: Host, Logistics, Academic.

 CENTRAL PAPERS: (Friday, June 21)

Historical review and situation by several speakers, to define at the time, which will define the moment and include areas such as Europe, Latin America, Spanish-Portuguese, etc. (very open presentations, and broad as pieces that place correctly the ample theme of the Modern Rite / French Rite.

  • European historical review
  • Hispano-American historical review
  • Hispanic-Lusitanian historical review

Saturday, June 22, 2019. (Morning)

Symbolic Degrees (1st -3rd)

  • Historical situation
  • Current Perspective
  • Prospective

Speakers: 10 -15 minutes of presentation of each paper, we will all have the papers sent in advance.

General debate per block, and the presentations presented

Saturday, June 22, 2019. Afternoon

Orders of Wisdom (I-V)

  • Historical situation
  • Current Perspective
  • Prospective

Speakers: 10-15 minutes of presentation, we will all have the papers sent previously General debate per block and the presentations presented

Sunday 23 June 2019 (Morning)

Closure of the Congress

  • Symbolic Degrees: Conclusions of the Speakers
  • Wisdom Orders Conclusions of the Speakers,

Protocol issues and decisions or statements taken if there have been any.

Closing of the Congress